Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

I am not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. I think a lot of it is overcommercialized and that people who love one another should be showing their love every day of the year, not just when prompted by society. That said we keep Valentine's Day more downscale around our house. For Valentine's Day we will usually give cards, I will probably receive a few roses, and we'll save the money we didn't spend on other gifts for a date night. It's not the biggest whoop-tee-do, but it's something.

As far as showing me some love, chocolate and flowers don't quite compare to other things my husband does. Here is a list of some of my favorite displays of affection:

-Cooking dinner, and choosing something he knows I will enjoy
-Cleaning up the house or doing some laundry
-Spending time with our baby girl, and giving me a break when I need it
-Going to work every day so that I can stay with our daughter most days
-Giving me a hug and kiss when he leaves for work, gets home each day

These are things he does on a semi-regular basis that fill the other 364 days of the year with love. Ya know, if he waited until Valentine's Day I would probably need a carat or two of diamonds, a huge box of chocolates, and an overstuffed teddy bear to make up for my loss.

That said, we will build a few traditions into the holiday each year with our children, especially since they will soon be bombarded by the holiday as they enter school and get a little older. Baby Girl will send out V-day cards to family, and she'll receive a small something from momma and daddy. I am wanting to give her a piece of jewelry each Valentine's Day, as I mostly remember my parents doing for me. I haven't yet ordered what I'm wanting to give her this year, and may decide to make it if I can make my way to the bead store today or tomorrow. And we have also gotten her a 2008 valentine's beanie baby to commemorate her first Valentine's Day. Not much but I want the day to be somewhat special for her memory bank. Next year we'll probably start doing a craft and/or baking project for this holiday too, probably making daddy and friends a yummy treat.

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