Thursday, February 07, 2008

An update and such

Dieting, not so good. Though we are not eating out near as often as we have in the past, I've not yet noticed any earth shaddering effects to my figure. But I've not given up. Unfortunately the plan to eat super healthy when eating out has seemed to backfire and the rare chance to eat out has me wanting fried foods and yummy dipping sauces more than ever! But at least I've cut back on this overall. I'll continue to press onward.

My book reading is not coming along either as I would like. Between playing with Baby Girl on my days off, naptime is filled with other activities such as cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing bottles, and internet time. Reading has not been very easy to do and something that I try to do in the evening, but it falls victim to other activities as well. I have started two books though and am enjoying them. Neither are on my book list, but oh well, it was just a motivational tool and I stated I had the right to change my choices at any given time. Unfortunately I found it very difficult to search the library for any specific book carrying a baby in one arm, a diaper bag in the other, and my large winter coat somewhere in between. We've since started taking the stroller into the library and I no longer wear a coat when hauling a baby + some could send a person in to heat stroke. Currently though I am reading "A Strand of a Thousand Pearls" by Dorit Rabinyan, and along with my husband "A Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. They are both excellent reads.

My newest project right now is that I am preparing for the Just Between Friends consignment sale coming up in March. This is a huge sale that I have found and fallen in love with for purchasing Baby Girl's clothing. Over the past year, many of her clothes and some of her bigger toys have come from this sale. It's a great place for getting great deals on barely used kids clothing. Last year I decided that I would continue to cycle Baby Girl's clothing through this sale so that I could build her a wardrobe each new season. I've almost decided that keeping her clothes for the next baby is somewhat a gamble since the chance of being able to use it again is not very likely. Although, I will keep the most special of clothes for her to dress her dolls and keep, just in case, we have another little girl who will fit the item at the right time of year. And I also plan to keep the basics which will work all year round and for either gender... onesies, socks, cotton pants, etc. But for the majority, we'll recycle each season for the next and save money and storage space around our house in the process.

And lastly, a work update. This is more of a prayer request. Work as of lately has been very stressful in terms of my schedule and finding childcare. I have been reworking my schedule, giving away valuable shifts when we need the money and relying on family to watch Baby Girl until things hopefully fall into place for us. A solution has presented itself that would be very beneficial to us, relieving the huge stress of finding part time infant childcare, and financially beneficial to us as well. I may soon be working weekends only, Saturday and Sunday nights, every single week. It is my hope that this solution plays out, and if it is God's will, then it will work out for us. Though it will come with sacrifice on my part, overall I believe it will be the best option for our family. So please send up your prayers and I will update when I know more on this.

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