Monday, January 07, 2008


I'm brand-spanking new to the world of couponing. But from many blogs I've come across, I have been inspired that I will use couponing as a significant way to save money in 2008. CVS is currently my numero uno place to shop and save, though I intend to get much better at deal making as experience comes into play. But for now I wanted to share what great deals I made this week by combining CVS sales along with coupons from the Sunday newspaper ads.

In total I saved:
$25.98 with CVS discounts
$26.00 with general coupons
$12.00 with CVS extracare bucks
= $63.98

Total spent $28.86, and I still have $8.00 of extracare bucks for my next shopping trip! Quick math skills would have you recognizing my total bill at only $20.86 for all of the goodies in the picture below...

Walgreens didn't bring me as big of savings, though I did purchase more costly products there that caused me to have a bigger bill in the end.

In total I saved:
$21.30 with Walgreens discounts
$14.80 with general coupons
= $36.10

Total spent $34.18, which really wasn't too bad considering the higher priced items.

I'm hoping next week to do even better! Though I need to be careful to only buy items I know that I will use within the next few months and not to stock up too much on a certain type of product. Not following that advice can have me spending more money than need be for the sake of getting a good deal.

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Hadias said...

It's amazing to see that similar items are on sale in the same month this year as last year Jan

hand soap
shampoo (hair care items)
and air freshener products

Thanks for your input on my birthday getaway. I would hate to get down there and it be a ghost town.