Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Diet Overhaul

I'm bad at dieting, and I'm even worse at exercising. I have minimal motivation to exercise at the moment, because I'm planning to have another baby. Maybe I'll get pregnant in the coming months, maybe it will be another year, but either way I plan to get pregnant again sooner than later. In doing so, I feel any benefit from exercising will become nil and void during the process. I often forget about the inner physical benefits to exercise and that a healthy heart and core will make pregnancy just that much smoother. To me it's all about the outward effects. Sad, I know. I need to get past that attitude and start exercising to be healthy, rather than look good. Especially now that I had a child and want to be healthy and a part of her life for a very long time.

Now that that's been said and I'm still not planning to go to the gym today... I wanted to discuss some aspects of my diet I'm planning to improve upon. I've decided to cut out some staples of my diet and see how my weight benefits. First off, I'm going to give up french fries. This is a hard one for me, but in that we're planning to start cooking at home more often it should be achievable. I'm going to stop drinking soda, diet and regular. Water, tea, Crystal Light, anything else that's healthier will be all that I consume for awhile at least. And lastly, and the hardest of all... I'm going to stop my excessive usage of condiments. I'm addicted to them. This is by far the most difficult for me as I often eat foods just for the great dipping sauces that accompany them. But, they are loaded with sugar and calories making my meal much less healthy. The exceptions to this rule will be low fat dressings and low fat condiments I'll have purchased for my use at home. Some of my favorites off hand are McDonald's sweet and sour sauce which drenches my nuggets and fries, and Chick-fil-A BBQ sauce which I use on chicken and fries too. I need to readjust my attitude that if I can't eat it plain, I just don't like it enough and need to choose something healthier to eat instead. I'm sure I'll do just fine on this, but it will take some willpower to overcome ordering these little extras. We'll see how this goes, but it's just a small start to the overhaul.

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meganwalle said...

To my new Diet Overhaul buddy! I too have given up soda and fried foods. Scott and I decided we can only eat out twice a week, once alone and once together. Other than that, it's homecookin' for the newest Tajchman house. I never realized you had such a craving for condiments, how interesting!! So good luck and Godspeed. If you need any encouraging let me know and we can cheer for each other.
**And on the baby trying front...good luck and much prayers. We'd love to have another niece or nephew!