Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two days in a row

That's right my friends, I am posting two days in a row. No more complaining about my lack of blogging and my lame posts. I'm back for the time being, or at least until I run out of things to say again. I visited the gym again this morning and felt pretty good about my workout, though I regret not pushing myself an extra 10 minutes on the elliptical machine. Oh well, 30 minutes is pretty darn good for an out-of-shape, sore-to-the-bones, decomposing pear (see previous post).


I believe I've posted before about my skills in the kitchen, or lack thereof, and decided to write more about that today. I've never been a very good cook. Blame it on my mother who doesn't do much of it herself, and my husband who will do it nearly every night if I let him. But I need to learn this skill, this trade that should come in handy when I'm staying at home raising my children someday. I occasionally get the bug to try a new recipe or to get inventive, but usually I opt for a premade frozen dinner. South Beach Diet dinners are so yummy! Well, in my quest to regain control of my body, I have ventured into the land of recipe books and have found a few light recipes, and veggie lover recipes that look pretty enticing. They call for a lot of yummy seasonings and ingredients which usually make me look the other way, but I've decided to try them anyhow --- and tweak them a bit too.

The first I plan to make tonight for dinner is a BBQ chicken salad, which is to be served cold. Well, I don't know about cold chicken, so I think I may serve it hot in warm whole, wheat pita pockets. And tomorrow for lunch I plan to try a broiled tomato sandwich or a cucumber sandwich, whatever my heart fancies. The bestest recipe I found that I can't wait to try [Devon skip the rest of this paragraph] are portobello sandwiches, grilled and served somewhat like hamburgers. Mmm Mmm. If any of these turn out well, I'll be sure to share my version of the recipe soon.

Now on to tidy up around the apartment and get the kitchen organized so I'll feel somewhat comfortable playing around in there tonight. Another reason I wish for a house soon is to have a much bigger and better kitchen. I despise not having enough cabinet space, counter space, and fridge space. Also, whoever though it would be smart to make pantries that are deeper than a human arm and pitch black inside so you can not see what you have... ugh! The kitchen (whether I've learned to cook or not) will be a key factor in choosing our first house. And I sure can't wait to buy a 26.4 cubic foot, side-by-side. Woohoo! The excitement of grown-up life.

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