Monday, May 29, 2006

The inner monologue of a goal setter

One month to go until my sisters wedding and my debut as the Matron of Honor. My good intentions of losing weight, getting fit, and looking good for that day once again seems to have fallen by the wayside as my body still resembles a slightly decomposing pear. Luckily there is still some hope for me even at this point. I've always been one to finish things under pressure, at the deadline --- it's the procrastinator within me. Knowing that it's down to the wire, that it's do or die time, I've chosen to do. This morning I spent a couple of hours at the gym, working it hard. I even made it to the point of achieving a second wind and what could have been the start of a workout high. As a reward (I'll call it a reward even though it is necessary for my sisters big day) I bought a tanning package and spent 6 minutes under the fake celsius sun soaking in some powerful UV rays. I've always been one who needed a reward system to achieve results. It's the spoiled brat within me.

Though 30 days doesn't seem much time to make a huge difference in my appearance, it may be just enough to slim down a bit and looked toned for the wedding. I can still hope. I think I may have also come to an actualization about myself today and my inability to follow through. In my thinking I realized that I have always made long term goals for myself, and in all actuality need to be making short term goals. A goal back in January to be in shape by July doesn't give me much direction. But, a goal to work out again tomorrow seems so much more attainable when the pressure is on. We'll see how my new way of thinking works out.

I've also been considering another element to getting healthy. It isn't something that seems too appealing, but would be a wise health choice on my part. I'm considering cutting back on my meat consumption. I've always been a huge carnivore choosing a steak over a salad any day, but I'm finding the desire to reconsider my options. I don't think being an all-out vegetarian is in my future, but I do hope to slowly begin eating more and more meals that don't require beef, chicken, or pork to be the key ingredient. And I would definitely like to start eating less and less processed foods, and making organic choices in what I eat. This is all theory for now, not something that I will start tomorrow or even next week. It is just another long term goal that I have for myself --- maybe after my next Thanksgiving turkey I'll make the commitment.

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