Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend with a quick trip to Omaha visiting their wonderful zoo. Jason had been numerous times as a child, and I'd been wanting to go for a few years now after hearing him talk about it. This was the perfect time for a quick getaway on a three day weekend. We packed our bags and headed out for a mini-vacation only to meet up with massive thunderheads as we reached the Kansas-Iowa border. Oops. Neither of us checked the weather forecast. Holiday weekends are never supposed to be rainy, didn't God get the memo? We kept driving onward and thought somewhere we would encounter sunshine. Fortunately it was the zoo parking lot where we realized the day would be gorgeous afterall.

This zoo was fabulous and defintly one of my favorites. I really enjoyed all of the animal exhibits which were in close proximity to one another and in mostly air conditioned buildings. I couldn't have asked for better terms on a hot and sunny day. Their exhibits were very detailed and better than many I have seen before. The rainforest was huge, the swampland exhibit was a little eery, the bird feeding cage was absolute craziness, and the desert pyramid was pretty cool. These were just a few of the things that made this zoo stand out from all the others. My favorites are always the monkeys and cats thought, no matter what zoo we are visiting. This little weekend trip actually turned out to be just a day trip as we decided to scrap our plans to attend a baseball game and drive up to Jason's childhood town. It was quite fun though and I can't wait to visit again, maybe with our own children someday...

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