Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lots of random thoughts

I have a new favorite splurge that I've decided to allow myself a few days a week. During weekdays Sonic has Route 44 drinks for only 99 cents in the mornings, before 11. So on my days off of work I go and get myself a big Diet Cherry Limeade to drink throughout the day. Then when it's gone I make myself a Route 44 raspberry ice tea to last the rest of the day. This is definitely helping to keep me well hydrated which I usually do a very bad job of. Believe it or not I would probably go until suppertime (or later) on most days without drinking hardly anything at all. Geez you think I'd be a shriveled up, decomposing pear by now.


Speaking of my body shape, I worked out again this morning. Another hour and a half of my life spent at the gym. Since the new year, three days in a row is more than I've ever accomplished on one of my exercise streaks. The truth will come tomorrow after 12 hours at work on my feet, when I make the decision to go or not. I know that I need to give myself a break and not push myself too hard, but I know what makes me falter. I have seen in the past how one day off turns into two, which turns into three, and so on. I've got to keep going until I really need a day off. That will probably come this weekend when I work my three day in a row stretch. Yuck!


I'm loving cooking. I just wish that I had a bigger kitchen and everything that I needed to make whatever I wanted at any given time - going grocery shopping can be such a hassle sometimes. Today for lunch I made broiled tomato & asiago pitas which were nearly to die for. Who knew cooking could be so easy if you had a plan for what you were going to prepare. Maybe I'll attempt to start making a weekly meal calendar and grocery shop accordingly. I'll let you know what comes of that idea.


Tonight I observe my first childbirth class, the first of four, which will be my orientation for teaching one myself in the coming months. I'm a little bit excited and dreading it at the same time. One of the main reasons I've chosen to teach these classes is for the extra money it will bring in, which we need right now. Unfortunately they require me to give up one evening a week, or one weekend day which I'm just too selfish most times to give up easily. That is one of the best things about my job and one reason I have chosen to tough it out even on the worst of days. My hours are so good, only three days a week, 36 hours. It definitely has me spoiled into never wanting to work anymore than that. But I think I will enjoy teaching these classes and it should be a great addition to my resume. Just trying to take the optimistic road.


Mandi Rae said...

About the cooking...

Shopping ahead of time is my specialty! But it is also my downfall at times. I sit down, make a menu (complete with where to find the recipe at a later date), make another list with all ingredients I don't already have, and go shopping. I used to only buy stuff on the list (and much of it off-brand to save money). Then I would notice there were no snacks in the house! So we've relaxed a bit and now buy a couple snacks to last the whole month. We also know which things to buy off-brand and which we HAVE to buy name-brand. Off-brand will really save you money if you know what tastes the same as the name-brand. We can usually spend around $160 for an entire month's worth of food for two adults! That's so much cheaper than eating out a lot.

TacoDave said...

Howdy. I suggest the following guy-tested cooking tips:

buy cans of soup
buy turkey, bread, cheese and chips
buy Eggo waffles
buy frozen pizzas

Cook one or all for each meal. Be sure to rotate so you don't get sick of any one thing.


Devon said...

Leave it to my brother to have such a complicated menu! Weirdo! Especially the Eggo Waffles--that's only a meal at breakfast...otherwise, it's a snack!

I just wanted to let you know that there are pics of Cassie on my blog... Have a good one!