Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Odds and Ends

I love this time of year... the smells in the air, the sounds I've missed all winter. There's just something so refreshing about Spring and it sure makes you much happier and more content with life. One thing that has gotten me excited is the daylight. Now the sun is just along the horizon when I leave for work and barely set when I go home. Soon enough we'll be having long summer days and I hope to make the most of them. Another aspect this time of year brings is that we are opening our windows. The fresh air, the rainy smells, all of them feel so good to let in your home. It just makes life so much more peaceful. That excludes when the tornado sirens are sounding like they did twice Sunday. It's crazy to think that twisters are already occuring and it is only March... deadly ones for that matter. Maybe this year will be the year of the tornadoes, let's pray not however.

Other happenings lately have allowed us to spend alot of time with family. Traveling, birthdays, dr appointments... we've been able to enjoy family lately which is always a nice thing. And there are a few more plans to keep in touch over the next couple of months, so something to look forward to.

My home is at a stage again (well yesterday it was) where I feel content in my home. Nearly organized, very presentable, chaos removed. That always lifts my spirits and destresses life just enough. I still haven't learned the tactic behind keeping things that way. But someday I know I will. Until then I continue to chalk it up to being richly blessed with many things and our lack of space in apartment living. We'll see what a house in the next year means for my clutter.

Okay, well you see now I've updated. Everyone be happy again!

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Devon said...

You updated, yes. However, it has been like a week since you did. You used to be so faithful. What happened, Michelle? What happened? Glad you've had lots of time to have fun with family and such. That's always good. The party went off splendidly, I thought. Way to go! See you soon!