Wednesday, March 15, 2006


That is right, Jason is 30 years old. We had a fun little surprise party for him this past Saturday afternoon, including cake, candy, and games (including the KU game on TV - thanks Marvin). Jason was plenty surprised when I told him I had a little surprise planned for just the two of us... I blindfolded him, stuck him in the car and drove him around in circles (to which he complained of getting carsick) before we ended up at the church building. However, his keen senses helped him sniff out our location and he guessed where we were before the blindfold was removed and the guests shouted "surprise". That's okay though, he didn't know what to expect. We had immediate family and our closest friends from church join us in the celebration and I know Jason really appreciated everyone thinking of him on his special day.

The party was originally planned for the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, but March weather has a tendency to do whatever it pleases, so last minute changes pushed the party inside the church building. However, the weather was gorgeous that day! You just never know what to expect in Kansas, the next day the weather brought dreariness and tornadoes to the area.

Some of the cool gifts Jason received for his birthday were an iPod, golf balls, gift cards/certificates, being treated to dinner, and the hilarious hat in the picture above... (if you can't see it too well it reads: 30 year old Pedal Pusher) which grandma had specially made for him. We are so blessed to have family and friends like all of you, so thank you very much for caring so much about us both. Your love truly shines.

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday Jason! May you have, at least, 30 more wonderful years ahead!!!

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