Saturday, February 04, 2006

Help wanted

Something has happened that is a rareity around our place. We have cleaned and nearly organized our entire home. Our bedroom no longer is an obstacle course of dirty laundry... our dining room table is cleared and ready for dinner... our kitchen is not piled sky high with dishes that need to be cleaned... the bathrooms are neat, orderly and most importantly clean... the living room is not a strew with coats, newspapers, and every odd and end that meets it's doom there. Our home is presentable, all except the office which will at least get some TLC this afternoon.

I'm feeling so proud to have our home looking this good. But my problem is that it NEVER stays this way. By tomorrow evening, it'll start to tranform to it's original and messy state. How do I stop this from happening? How do I stop the disorganization from reconsuming our home? I know the basic step of putting things back where they belong, but for some reason it doesn't work for us. Please give me some advice, I need your help!

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Devon said...

If I had a clue 1, I would let you know, girl! When you find out, let me know!