Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Family Time

This past weekend we headed out of town and were able to spend some time with family. Topeka was our destination and we had some great fun with Angie, Rich, Scott, and Megan. Friday evening when we arrived we made some delicious homemade pizzas which will now become a staple meal in our home when I have to do the cooking. Desert was a wonderful blondie brownie that Angie made for us with her new Kitchenaid mixer (I'm totally jealous). We spent the evening watching the opening ceremony to the Winter Olympics in Torino, not Torono. We played a slow version of progressive rummy and a fast paced game of spoons which I can't wait to teach my card playing friends back home. We caped the night off with some Mario Party 7 on the gamecube and called it a night around 2:30am, way past my current bedtime... and Scott and Megan's too as they fell asleep amidst the Mario Party excitement.

The next morning we began our day with some shopping at Dillard's for mens clothing. Jason is destined to look gorgeous in the shirt and vest I bought him for Valentine's Day. Although the main shopping venture was for Scott and the wedding him and Megan had to leave for that day. Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Panera and enjoyed the KU basketball game later that afternoon. The evening brought us to a Thai restaurant where I ate some Phad Thai (or something along that line) which wasn't too bad. Afterwards I taught A&R how to play Kemps and we headed back home pretty late that evening.

We had a wonderful weekend, it's always nice to spend time with family and I think we all agreed we need to do so more often. Hopefully when Megan makes it back to Kansas we can try to have a family night once a month or so and just catch up on a regular basis. We'll see you all for Birthday weekend!

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Devion said...

MICHELLE!!! I WANNA TEACH EVERYONE HOW TO PLAY KEMPS!!! I LOVE kemps and they will never let me teach them!!! If I had you there, too, then we could teach them all! YAY! YAY KEMPS!!!