Monday, January 30, 2006

Personal journeys

Not much in the mood for posting these past few days, weeks really. I have tons... tons to say but I haven't sorted out all of my thoughts yet. Who knows if I ever will. The truth is that I have come to the realization that people hurt people and that's just how life sometimes falls. We are all human, we all believe in what we think is right and just, we all believe that our intentions are the correct ones... but we are all human.

As humans we oftentimes lack certain judgements, we oftentimes lack a sense of boundaries, and we oftentimes are lacking in the area of love. As I continue to observe the human race in all of it's arrogance and pride I feel my heart break in two. How could we have been made in the image of our God? It is something I truly can not fathom at this point in my walk of faith.

As we all hide beneath our claim to Christianity, let us all realize that our flaws, which are what make us Christians, also unveil us to everyone else in this world as hypocrites. It is a cycle that will haunt us to the pearly gates of Heaven and cause us much anguish and hardship along the way. It already has.

Our personal journeys have begun, we have all crossed many bridges, climbed up rocky mountains, and fallen down into dark valleys along our way. We have all set out for the same destination, we all follow the same map and guide, but many times we understand directions differently. The hope forever continues to be that our paths reconnect at the same place in the end, we all look back at the path we chose to follow with humility, and we rejoice that our God will still want to hold us in His arms and love us unconditionally.

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Joyce said...

This was a good post. *sigh*