Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not much

I thought I'd try to update today and let everyone know that there is not much going on in our lives lately. Jason is still full swing in his job search. He has had quite a few interviews and has more scheduled. It seems though that decision time is drawing near and he'll be making one in the weeks to come. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for him and I during this time.

As for me, I've just been working at the hospital and at home. I've started my spring cleaning early in hopes that it will all be done by spring, but we will see. 2006 is really flying by. February is less than a week away, crazy how that goes.

It has been enjoyable having Jason back in OP and having him around on my days off. We've been getting to do more things with friends it seems since he's been back and are even starting to attend life group together each week. Other than that, really there's not much happening. Sorry for the let down, but at least I updated, eh?

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