Sunday, December 04, 2005

N.H.C. I think I'll decline that lifetime membership

Gulp. I got bangs. I'm still, a week and a half later, getting used to them. They're not exactly like I envisioned, but my hair is still in the short stage so my sweeping bangs are as short as normal bangs that just happen to part and angle downward to the side. They're not bad though. I think that my hairline is kinda weird, I've always felt this way. I feel like I just have so much hair that it falls right down in my face rather than flowing off my face like women in the movies... and magazines... and at the mall... and everywhere there are women to see.

So my bangs, I guess, help with this problem.

Nowadays, I'm not tucking my hair behind my ears all the time to keep it off my face. Now I'm feeling like my face isn't one big, round circle. Now I'm feeling like my hair has a little style and definition and shape that wasn't there before. So those notes made, I guess I'm leaning towards liking these so-called bangs. Possibly they are making me feel a bit more feminine and stylish.

Let me also say, I have quite the despiteful mind towards bangs due to a childhood of bang blunders. The first and foremost was that as a child and into middle school my bangs went back as far as humanly possible and were nearly an inch thick of pure hair... I'm telling you I have tons and tons of hair. Secondly, I went through an undisclosed amount of time that these said bangs were permed - poodle style - making the one inch of hair about three inches thick. What a nerd! So I'm a little afraid of bangs and fear that no matter how few I have, no matter how they are styled, and no matter what they do to the rest of my features they will send me back into the Nerdy Hair Club.

I'm a bit amused by my vanity, but for any girl who has or is going through this awkward growing-hair-out stage I know you understand why I'm so anxious to feel better about my hairstyle.

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