Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On Call

Today I'm at home "on call" for work. It makes for a very stressful day. Once a schedule we are required to sign up for 1 or 2 "on call" shifts, depending on how short staffed we are for the schedule period and how busy we are expected to be. Today is my day. I know that I need to be there, I need the money. I know that I want to be at home, I want the peace. But, I've decided I'm ready to go. I'm fine with working an extra shift this week, which would put me at 48 hours, that is fine, I can handle it this week. Call me now while I'm still feeling this way!

As I headed to bed last night I hoped for a good nights sleep, a restless sleep. That was not to be. I believe that my body retaliates when it knows that I'm anxious for the day ahead. And my cats were of no help either waking me up more frequently than usual. Anyhow... As I lay awake at 5:00 am awaiting the call to tell me that I'm needed in at work, I began to realize that my day would be full of waiting.

As I fold laundry, I wait for the call.
As I load the dishwasher, I wait.
As I sort laundry, I wait.
As I make the bed, I wait.
As I load the washer and dryer, I wait.
As I watch a little TV, I wait.
As I write on my blog, I wait.

Expecting the phone to ring, expecting to be needed. Yes, it is only 8:15 in the morning and I have until probably 6:00 pm tonight to feel "off the hook" but still, I wait. I do expect a call at some point today, but when? This totally puts my life on hold. No going to the grocery store, no getting a haircut, no doing anything that would not allow me to be at work in 30 minutes from the phone call. So I wait, ready for the ring.

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