Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a day!!!

I'm thriving! I love day shift. Yes, it is much more chaotic the majority of the time. And yes, I realize that my skills are what I must rely on. And most importantly yes, I'm going to become the nurse that I envisioned myself to be. My first day was yesterday and I survived it despite the craziness that occured with only an hour left in the day. I'm enjoying walking down the halls of the hospital and seeing the sunshine through the windows, seeing the faces of anybody and everybody who works there, and the fact that 12 hours during the day seems to go by in the wink of an eye.

Although 5:30 am was hard and I wished to hit snooze or pretend it wasn't really Monday morning I did not. I rose to the occasion, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, ate a bowl of cereal, fixed myself a cup of hot cocoa and set off to conquer the world. Although I didn't leave work on time, I still found the energy to attend a weekly book study I participate in and didn't get home until a bit after 10pm --- ready to crash.

My first day off (an actual, wake up at 8:00 am kind of day) and I'm a bit behind in my goals and my plans for the day. In fact, I haven't done alot of what I had planned to do. But that is okay, because I have tomorrow off too. I will soon have a routine and I will soon be running my life in an organized, grown-up sort of way. I have straightened up the living room, done some dishes, and pulled the aluminum foil down from the windows in my bedroom. Now I'm off to a class for work which will last the most of my afternoon. I'm thriving, I'm happy, and I'm just plain thrilled to feel like I'm gaining control of my life. What a day!!!

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jayme said...

so sorry our conversation earlier was filled with screaming children. :) wanted to visit with you. so glad you are on days! I'm happy for you!