Monday, October 17, 2005

To: My dear husband

I figure you'll read this someday. And I figure I have a better chance of bringing up the subject here, on my blog, than face to face with you honey. I've come to a conclusion in my past few days working day shift... that sweetheart, I want to work part time. I think that it will be best for the two of us that I only work my scheduled Mondays and Thursdays. In my extra day off each week I can spend my time practicing to be a better wife. Learning to cook, preparing meals for you, keeping your laundry clean, your home neat and organized. I would spend time each week volunteering, doing some charity work. Time is worth more than money, honey. It will be great for the two of us you know. Less stress and time away from home will leave be happier, more satisfied, and more willing to take care of you as a wife should do... don't you agree?

Would you please think about it dear? I know that you are the practical, number crunching type. I know that you look at time as money, but my most wonderful husband, I don't think I do.

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