Friday, October 14, 2005


Today I played. Scrapbooked to my little hearts content. I did about six pages this afternoon, nothing too fancy, nothing too exciting, but still I scrapbooked. I finished up the Disney World pages I started last fall, scrapbooked a page from our luau since I actually had all of the pictures accounted for finally, and I also did a page of my sister, my mom, and myself. For the last of the pages I used the help of my pal, the computer, for journaling. I think it looks really pretty amazing, since I can be technologically challenged sometimes.

Next Friday, I've planned a scrapbooking night for the young married women in our church group. We're going to one of the big stores here in KC to scrapbook for 6 fun-filled hours. So far most everyone will be able to come and it should be a blast to spend time together. Plus, most of the girls are not really into scrapbooking too much, so it'll be a chance to get them addicted :)

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