Thursday, September 22, 2005


I'm excited to announce that I will be returning to a normal routine, a normal life soon. The second week of October I'll begin working day shift. No more late nights for me. No more crazy schedule, no more missing out on time with friends and family, no more lack of sleep, and no more of the stress that working overnight can do to your body.

I'm excited to have a routine. I'm excited to be waking up in the morning and maybe waking up early enough to fix myself a quick breakfast and read the newspaper. I'm looking forward to a more normal life that will allow me evenings to spend with friends in a weekly church group, and a weekly book study. I'm looking forward to the feeling of being a grown-up. To fix dinner when I get home from work, to go to bed after the ten o'clock news, watch the sun, instead of the moon, rise and fall during my "day".

My schedule for work is great too. My days are broken up, so I don't have to wake up at 5:30 am for days in a row. I get Wednesdays and Fridays off consistently, and most Tuesdays too. This means I can take an art class next semester, I get three day weekends (except every third weekend I have to work, obviously) and I get to gain alot more experience working day shift - the whole reason I wanted this job in the first place.

I feel so blessed because I know that it oftentimes takes awhile for new nurses to get to day shift. At this current job it's been a 6 month wait, but the end is drawing near. I'm so excited, so happy, and so ready to make this change.

It wasn't easy, but nothing is.
~ BLUR ~

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