Friday, July 01, 2005

Where things are at

Obviously I've been behind on my blogging.

Maybe it's because I'm lacking in motivation.

Maybe it's because I don't have anything interesting or good or worth blogging about right now.

I'll write when things in my life are looking up again.


jayme said...

Michelle...I was gonna call you last night...but it was too late...then Neal and I got in a stupid fight...and then I went to bed with Addy after midnight!!!!! I'm sorry I didn't call...I forgot all about it until right now. My head is spinning sometimes. :) I hope your day today was me when you wake up! I'd call you ... but I never know if you asleep.

jayme said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRR! I am SOOOOOOOO frustrated because all I want is to talk to you! I can't believe we got interupted last night! I mean really. That is terrible. I wanted to not answer the door or push him down the stairs...but sadly...often I don't get the choice of ministering or not. I'D MUCH RATHER TALK TO YOU! I hope you aren't mad at me...I'm really sorry. I really want to hear all about the communion thing...and talk some more about marriage. :)

Have a great day, ok! I'm planning on taking Addy to the pool I won't be home this afternoon...but I'm going to try to call you when I get home.