Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Surprise! Happy Father's Day!

I worked Saturday night. I worked Friday night. I worked Thursday night. But despite all of that work, I found the energy to make a surprise visit back home to celebrate Father's Day with our dads. After going to early church service, we hit the road. I caught about an hour of shuteye - which is extremely difficult to do in the car, even with the darkest of sunglasses and a pillow. We made it in time for lunch with my parents and we spent a few hours of the early afternoon hanging out at their pool catching some sunrays and enjoying some silly water games. It's a proven fact that a person gets sillier the more tired that they are!

After all the fun I was zonked and took to a few hours of napping. Jason was able in the meantime to go visit his dad. His sister Angie and her husband were in town as well and the family grilled some brawts and enjoyed the evening together. I unfortunately slept through most of the celebration and missed seeing my sister-in-law and Rich by mere minutes.

Later that night Jason and I rewatched Star Wars: Episode I in preparation to go see Revenge of the Sith while it's still in the theatres. It's amazing how much I've forgotten in the past few years from that movie. We plan to watch episode II again soon as well.

The next day I spent another few hours out at the pool before we headed back home. Jason drove his motorcycle back to KC so we followed the backroads and took in some beautiful Kansas scenery along the way. It was a great weekend from beginning to end.

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