Sunday, June 12, 2005

HAHA - the jokes on you

I was just recollecting on events of my life and a funny thought occurred to me. I grew up attending church camp every summer as a teen and pre-teenager, often more than one camp in a summer's time. These church camps had some stringent rules as to dress code. For example: no shorts above the knees, no tank tops, etc. However, I had found the perfect solution. Crop pants is what I called them back then in the late 1980's, early 90's. Today you may know them as capri pants. I think back to the heck that many of my friends gave me about this fashion style I took on at camp. I'm sure it was just their jealousy talking as they endured the 100 degree, Kansas, summer heat in their blue jeans. I think back to some of the pictures I have in my mind of those days at camp and the grief that my friends laid on me for those "strange" pants I used to wear. HAHA to all my old friends. HAHA to those who told me I looked like I was ready for a flood. HAHA is all I have to say. I was a fashion connoisseur back in the day and the carpi pant will always be my friend.


jayme said...

amen to that sista!!!! And you blogged! I was coming here to yell at you to get with it. :)

Joyce said...

Haaahaahaa! I love my capri pants. Want to know what we called them when I was.....ummmm......younger? Pedal Pushers!! Crop pants, pedal pushers, capri--whatever, I love 'em. They're much cooler than jeans and they don't show off my FAAAAAT knees!

Miss getting to see you when I go to Jayme's house!