Tuesday, May 24, 2005

When are the two of you gonna have a baaaaaby?

This question comes up more often than it doesn't, especially in my field of work. As a labor and delivery nurse I am asked the question from nearly every patient if I have kids and if not when they will make their way into my life. Everybody wants to know when and how many I plan to have. Sometimes my answers vary from I'd take 4 tomorrow to maybe 2 kids about 10 years from now. Here are a few of my pros and cons:

Things that make me want to have babies:
1. Watching my friends with their children, oh how sweet!
2. The Children's Place, Baby Gap, the baby clothes section of Wal-mart.
3. Johnson & Johnson commercials - "Having a baby changes everything"
4. The idea of feeling my child growing inside of me everyday.
5. The joy of watching my babies make new discoveries and learn.

Things that make me not want to have babies:
1. Watching children at the supermarket.
2. Knowing that I'll lose soooooo much sleep!
3. Kids over the age of 7.
4. The $$$, or lack thereof.
5. The children on Supernanny. Have you seen that show???

Now which list is more significant?
I'm back and forth on this one...

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