Monday, May 23, 2005

Big City Shopping

Moving to a large city I was worried that I'd spend tons of money at stores and shops that I all too frequently wished were in the town that I came from. My worries were put to ease however when I moved here and discovered that I had less time than I thought to cruise around to different stores passing out my Visa check card. In the past I'd come to this city on weekends and want to spend hours on end shopping each and every single aisle in stores like Hobby Lobby, Kohls, and Barnes and Noble. I had been fairly impressed with myself up until this past month. I haven't started frequenting clothing stores yet --- at my current weight, and with short season in full bloom those stores are kinda upsetting and slightly depressing.

However, I have discovered Joann's thanks to a friend of mine. What a place! I've been there twice in the past week... I need to quit reading the sales flyers!!! I have this mentality that if it's on sale I need it, if I have a 40% off coupon I have to buy something, and if I buy a little bit today and a little bit tomorrow it's okay cause I'm not spending $70 all at once. This place will get me in trouble - it already has. This superstore has everything to feed my quilting dreams, my scrapbooking desires, and my decorating urges. And if my timing is right, whatever I think I need will be on sale... if it's not... well, Michaels and Hobby Lobby are right down the street!

On another note, I'm pretty excited because I've decided to sign up for craft classes and start getting out of the house and meeting people. There are a couple of quilt classes, a knitting class, and a Wilton cake decorating class that will help to fulfill the dreams I laid out in my previous post. We'll see...

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