Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I've been hitting up Wally World too

No photos of today's shopping trips.

I went to Aldi this morning for groceries and was pleasantly surprised that they had just about everything on my list. I decided to splurge on a few more snacky type items so we'd have them around if needed, so my bill was slightly higher than I anticipated. I'm considering starting a pricebook, something simple enough that I can keep track of what I pay for items and where... at least the things that I plan to buy on a more regular basis.

Most definitely because there were a few things that I found which were quite a bit lower in price at W*lmart. One item for instance was french fried onions, since I'm planning to make green bean casserole later this week. I happened to notice the generic brand was about 75 cents less than what I'd paid for at Aldi. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Another area of learning I've experienced today is my need to keep my pantry clean and well organized. I did look through what I had last night and also discarded items that were postdates or spoiled (sure hate throwing away wasted food like that). However, I didn't really have a super organized pantry to start with and discovered that I re-bought a few things I already had on hand... paprika, tomato sauce, baked beans, chicken broth. I'll definitely being doing a closer inventory before I head out next week for my grocery shopping.

So, on to Wally World... I had a decent amount of luck there today, as I had hoped. Thankfully this shopping trip went a bit faster since I know the layout of the store and had a better idea of where I was going and what I was looking for. Last night before bed I quickly matched up coupons and deals that I had found on sites of fellow bloggers and made myself a shopping list. I really must say that I appreciate the work that others are doing to help women like myself find deals, it's so helpful and I'm sure otherwise a task I would find impossible.

Overall I had about $25 worth of groceries and goods ranging from Johnson and Johnson soap to Progresso soup. After all of my coupons I paid just around $5 for all of these products many in which I received for free or close to. It feels so good to watch that subtotal drop such a significant amount and makes me excited again for next week.

Now back to my pantry, another tackle for today. It looks like my kitchen exploded.


Maria said...

You've inspired me to try to get such great deals! Hopefully I'll be just as successful. And I like the new look of your blog!

Maria said...

Oh, and we loved having you visit over New Years! Next time you'll get to see your niece!

Becky said...

I love the new design...super cute!!!