Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This meme has been floating all over the place and I've had a number of people invite me to participate. The guilt is starting to sink in and I've decided I may as well. So here we go, 25 probably not so interesting, random facts, about me!

1. I have a problem with getting rid of things... trash no, but a program from a high school musical I attended some 12 years ago, yes.

2. I love to save money. Basically I won't buy anything unless it is on sale, on clearance, or I have a coupon for it. Why pay full price when I shouldn't have to? I believe I'm a good steward of the money God has blessed me with, or I'm at least walking along on the path.

3. I have never had any sort of major surgery, broken bone, or medical condition. I've been pregnant, twice now, but that has been mostly low-key. Thank goodness! I hope my lucky streak continues.

4. I do not paint my fingernails hardly ever. I think this is because I am a nurse and I would have to keep them very well kept... and well, I just don't take the time for things such as that. I paint my toenails probably 3 or 4 times a year, usually when it's high sandal season.

5. There are many things in my life that I have said "never" to. I cringe now when I think back to those times when I was being so egotistical. I also have a hard time biting my tongue when others make such comments... especially when it comes to parenting.

6. My daughter is walking around with a pair of Elmo panties on her head right now.

7. I have had braces twice, because I never wore my retainer. I need them again.

8. I am working to become a better cook, to actually cook. In my 6.5 years of marriage I can admit to probably cooking only about 2 dozen meals. Sad I know. Thankfully my husband can cook and we've made it this far without me being very skilled in this area.

9. I have a deep down desire to be an outdoorsy girl. I love the idea of camping, hiking, biking, etc. I have yet to participate in this sort of lifestyle however and may fail miserably. My dream family vacations would be to go camping every year in a different national park. Ok, maybe we'll be staying in a lodge or an RV rather than a tent, but still... I think it would be a fun tradition.

10. My first major in college and the one I wish I had stuck with was graphic design. I love layout and crafty, artsy type things and think I'd have loved a career in that field. Thankfully there are many blessings to being a nurse too.

11. I love things that smell good. Candles, fabric softener, perfume. Unfortunately, my allergies can be overly sensitive at times and I sneeze up a storm if I'm around any smell that is too strong.

12. I am not sure how many children I want. I used to want four, now I'm torn between two and three. It's a much harder decision than I once thought.

13. If I thought I could be disciplined enough myself I would consider homeschooling my children. I worry about all of the outside influences they will encounter and wish to protect them from as much as I can, while I can. I used to think this made a parent naive, now I think it makes a parent wise.

14. I do not like sweetened cereal. If I'm going to eat cereal with milk it has to be something plain and boring like cheerios, raisin bran, or basic 4 (my favorite). I can however it dry fruit loops or corn pops as a snack.

15. Growing up I used to be embarrassed when my mom would take me shopping at Aldi. I thought it was a store only for "poor" people. However little did I know how proud I would be to someday be an Aldi shopper myself.

16. I wish I could get rid of a lot of my "things" and start over. I don't know what I was thinking when I started buying decorations to decorate my home, or even plates and glasses for my kitchen. My taste is completely different now, but I'm just too frugal to do anything about it.

17. I could use a few new bras, mine are pretty sad looking... but then again, my girls aren't to pretty anymore themselves. It's a mommy thing :)

18. When I'm pregnant my legs hairs grow much more slowly and my hair doesn't look dirty for a couple of days longer than normal. This really works out well when I'm in a lazy mood and don't plan on leaving the house for a few days.

19. I am horrible at drinking, especially water. I can go most of the day without getting thirsty, so if I'm not thinking about it, often won't drink much of anything in a given day, maybe a glass or two of something if that much.

20. This may seem like TMI, but before I had my daughter I could never loudly fart... never much in the way of sound, or even smell, honest to goodness. Now that I've gone through childbirth I can give my husband a run for his money.

21. We do not have cable, we ditched it to save money and to find a more useful outlet for our time. It's been over 4 years now and I miss it... alot. And I still watch a lot of tv, only it's whatever I can pick up on the 5-6 channels we actually do get, usually even less productive tv viewing than before.

22. I wish that my sister and I lived closer together and that our children could grow up being closer than they probably will be living so far apart.

23. I used to play the clarinet in middle school. However, I never really "played". Oftentimes I just pretended to be blowing and learned to key the instrument to make it look like I was doing so. I wish I would have been in orchestra.

24. My cats used to be my babies until I had a real baby. I never thought I would get annoyed by their quirks and needs, but goodness. Right now I can't imagine have a more needy animal like a dog, but one day I'm sure we will have one when our kids are older.

25. I rarely read books but wish I did more often. If I start a book and enjoy it I'll finish it in a few sittings, because I just can't put it down. But it's hard for me to ever just pick up a book and start. I want to work on that.


Maria said...

It's funny how many our 25 would be the same or very similar!

Erica said...

I love #23, I forgot we were both in band...and I did the same thing.

LadyBug-Kellie said...

you picked some great things to write about! I actually read them all!
I laughed out loud that you faked playing the clarinet! I used to 'fake' sing in choir because I wasn't a good singer LOL!