Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things I Love Thursday - Site to Store Shipping

I am a fan of Walmart. I realize that many people may not be nodding their heads in agreement when they read that last statement, but that's okay by me. There is just something about a store that can offer everything I need in one single trip. It saves me time and money, and that I like. As for it's effect on the global market, I'm not an economist so I have no understanding. Please don't try to help me out in that area either. Thank you.

But my newest joy that I have found from Walmart is Site to Store shipping. It's a fabulous creation allowing items that I order online to be sent directly to the store instead of my home. Why would this be such a grand invention you ask? Because, if it's sent to the store, there is no shipping charge. Voila! More saved money in my pocket. And since I shop at Walmart at least once a week, I'll be going there anyhow and can easily pick up my package. It's amazing! And if I want to return the item, well, it's as easy as returning it to the customer service desk. Really it's another great way to save money.

Now I'm just hoping other stores, ahem Target, catch on to this fabulous feature soon too.

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thediaperdiaries said...

oh my goodness, if Target ever gets this then i am in DEEP trouble :)

Brooke said...

lol @ its effect on world economics. :) i just know how it effects MY economics, so i have to stay far, far away. i go in for groceries and i come out with a new pair of capris.

hopefully it will catch on with more stores!

Anonymous said...

I love this too! I'll shop anywhere where I don't have to pay shipping!