Thursday, July 31, 2008

OAMC Update

Well my beef prep day went really well. I cooked and froze 10 meals and browned and seasoned enough meat for a few mexican dishes, and another few italian dishes. The whole process took about 3.5 hours, maybe less. I have yet to cook my chicken recipes, and think I'll probably prepare about half a dozen meals tonight when I make dinner. It's really not too hard to double or triple a recipe to store another away for later. Today however, I think will be baking day for Little Miss and I. We usually have one day a week that we spend some time in the kitchen baking and making muffins or bread. I let Little Miss watch, and even help with some stirring a bit. I have some muffins I've been wanting to try, so that will be our plan for the day. I've even read that muffins freeze well, so we'll probably make a few more than I would normally and give it a try.


Bek said...

Hey! Hopefully I'll have some recipes to send your way! My mom and I just successfully made and froze not-yet-fried chicken...amazing! We battered and breaded it, then stuck it in the freezer on a cookie sheet, then took it out and put it in a freezer bag. It looks just like the Tyson frozen chicken!! And John swears that we didn't make it, because he said it was too good. It's definitely one I want to share!

We also did mini-meatloaves in muffin pans, and it's great for when it's just me and Chloe eating lunch and I don't need a lot.

We've baked and froze muffins, but I think they turn out better when you bake them as a bread, because when the muffins thawed out we thought they tasted a bit soggy. But that's just me :)

Good luck with the rest of your OAMC!! I love it! I can't wait to implement this in my own home soon!

Kendra at Hand Prints On The Wall said...

Thanks for your encouraging words and for sticking with me! I'm so glad that you did come back one more time to check! I hope others check back as well.