Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Clearance Racks

I was out today looking for an alternative to the super cute storage bins that are pictured below in my post about my playroom. That's another post in itself, and I'll update on all of that another time. Anyways, while I was out today I came across some really great deals on a number of things and wanted to post about them for those of you who may be interested.

K-Mart has a large majority of their kid's summer clothes on clearance racks, and their other clothes are marked down as well. I bought Little Miss 6 outfits, a few shirts, and a pair of pants for next Summer all for about $35. Not bad considering they're brand new. I guess it's that time of year to start watching the sales and clearance racks once again. Unfortunately, and I'm kicking myself, I didn't "stock up" on clothing for this coming Fall. So my baby girl will be wearing a lot of consignment sale clothing, which is absolutely okay, but I do like her to have a few things that were new just for her. I am having a more difficult time this go around trying to determine what size she will be wearing next summer. I bought a combination of both 18 and 24 month items just based on the width of the waistbands. I'm assuming she'll still have her petite waist, but we shall wait and see.

I also found some great buys on books at Dollar General and the Dollar Tree. I was able to get 8 biblical board books for $10. I found 4 large OT books, and 4 smaller NT books and I'm super excited about them all. The Dollar Tree also has some great educational materials for little ones that I'm planning to go back and stock up on later. The materials are a bit advanced for my Little Miss, but they will be great to have stored away for another year or two. They also had some bulletin board items that will be perfect for our "school" section of the playroom. Good stuff.


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

You seriously give me so many great ideas. I'm now debating separate rooms for the kids in our new place vs. a shared room and a playroom. And I want to go look for the board books. Keep the ideas coming! OH, and BTW, hilarious about the size you bought for next summer for your petite little Miss! Sophie's already in 18 months clothes! Ha!

Devion said...

Cassie can STILL wear 18-month clothes and 12-month shirts...She's 26 months old!!! :)

Meshellyn said...

Kelly: WOW, I think it will be awhile for us.

Devion: Thank you for the reassurance on clothing sizes. I was beginning to get really worried.

I kept looking at some of those 24 month pants and thought, there is no way she'll fit into those. Half of her 12 months pants and skirts slide right off, so she's wearing 6-9 month shorts this summer or I just keep hiking the big ones back up, lol. As for her shirts, she has a big enough head I have to make sure there are buttons in the back to get her 12 month ones on at the moment :)

Holly said...

I love the clearance racks! I have been trying to pick up a few things for our little girl for next summer, too, but talk about having a hard time with sizes!! She's not even here yet, so I really have NO IDEA what she'll wear. Consequently, this year's clearance rack shopping has been kept to a minimal. Hopefully next year!!

Devion said...

I was going to mention 1 thing...with diapers, you really can't go by the size guides I have found. I don't know if anyone else disagrees with that, but Cassie is NEVER in the right size according to that. In fact, at a mere 27 lbs, the DOCTOR just told me to go up to size 6, which is for 37 lbs and up. This was partially because of her eczema, but partially because of the tightness. Just wanted to pass that info along... :)

Natalie said...

I love all your organizing ideas. It feels so good getting our house more organized (a little at a time but still) especially the boy's rooms. I hate to admit this but I didn't get a whole lot done with the house while I was pregnant so I still have boxes that haven't been unpacked in the basement and we've been here almost a year. :)
And yes we really do need to get together. It's been a long time coming - our emails go back to
2006. :)