Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Alphabet Soup G & H

I'm being a little overly ambitious today with this game. Here are my favorite G's and H's - I know you're excited!

God - He's definitely my number one, though it often wouldn't seem that way unfortunately. But that's what I strive for and hope to instill in my Little Miss.

Grocery shopping - Strange, I know. But I'm loving going with an organized list and a goal of saving money. I've made it into a game and I heart Aldi! It makes shopping as frugal as possible. I unfortunately am realizing just how expensive it can be to feed a soon-to-be toddler however and her weekly grocery tab nearly doubles ours as I want her eating the healthiest or organic version of everything.

Grandparents - They are fabulous when you need help, always offering or willing to watch Little Miss when you need them. They have made the past 5 months a lot easier for us. Thank you!

Garage sales - This may be a little redneck, but you can't beat the prices and truly "One persons junk can be another persons treasure".

Gardening - I don't yet have the slightest clue about gardening, but I hope to some day. I want a yard full of beautiful flowers and plants, a garden where I can pick fresh produce and an herb garden! I just have to figure out where to begin.

Girlie stuff - I enjoy all things girlie. An afternoon at the spa, a new purse, cute shoes, putting on makeup. All of these things make me feel fabulous, unfortunately it seems that they are less of an occurance these days as well.

Home Cooking - My grandma always makes the best meals to make you feel good. A hot roast, or fried chicken, it's all delish!

Hot Cocoa - Not this time of year, but in the winter it's the best snack ever. Especially with a handful or two of marshmallows.

Hairem - The Hairem, my hair salon, that is. I loved my last haircut and it's time for another trim. As long as my stylist stays there, I'll be going there for a long time. I have never gotten as many compliments and they lasted for weeks.

Home Decorators Collection - This is my favorite furniture store. They have great pieces and the prices are very affordable, especially if you hunt through their outlet store!

Holidays - I love the traditions that they bring and the time spent with family. The food is usually another large attraction of the holidays as well, I have to admit it.


kcbryans04 said...

Let me know when you are heading to Home Decorators Collection, I want to go! Maybe that could be part of Thursday :)??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I had stopped looking at this blog some time ago because I was busy reading your family blog. What happened to that one? -- AT

Bek said...

Wow...how could I have forgotten that it was Mother's Day this weekend? Last year I had everything planned out for my mom and in-laws...how sad.

I love your G's and H's. How I wish I could make the time to write some myself. One of these days I'll surprise everyone with a too long post going A-M or something :)

Devion said...
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