Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Recap

My first round of weekend option worked out for us beautifully. It was not near as difficult to stay awake all night as I had suspected. I credit that to my role as a mommy. It is amazing what my body is capable of and how little sleep I now need to function effectively. Friday I was able to lie down for about an hour and a half, which turned out to be enough to make it through an entire night of work. Saturday I was able to get a very restful 6 hours of sleep with some help from a doctor prescribed sleep aid. This was the deepest and most restful sleep I've had in a long time. Then after a second night of staying awake I was even able to attend church before going home for a quick few hours of shut eye. I spent the afternoon with my family and turned in super early for nearly 12 hours of rest. It was not a deep, uninterrupted 12 hours of sleep, but it was useful and I'm alert and feeling myself this morning as much as ever. Hopefully this new schedule will always work out so well. Now it's time to focus on Little Miss and my role as a weekday SAHM.


Greg & Kim said...

Absolutely amazing, Michelle! So glad to hear it wasn't too awful. You have a great perspective, friend.

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Hey Michelle, it's Kelly Tyson. What big changes for your family/schedule! Sounds like you're adjusting well - way to go! I'm also very impressed with your weekly meal schedule... I need to do something like that!

kcbryans04 said...

Yea for Coma sleep, right :)? Glad to hear everything went okay! Take care :).