Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alphabet Soup - C

On to my favorite C things in life! What are yours?

Cats - I do love cats. They are cuddly and cute and don't require a whole lot of attention if you want to slack on your pet-parenting responsibilities for a short bit. We have two sweet kitties, Emma and Lucy, who are polar opposites of each other. It's funny the different personalities even cats can have.

Chapstick - My favorite is vanilla mint, or is it mint vanilla? Which ever it is oh so good!

Cabbage Patch Kids - One of my favorite toys as a little girl. I loved listening to the stories we had on tape and I even had a Cabbage Patch General Hospital play set which was such a cool toy. I'm planning to get a vintage one for my Baby Girl someday.

CVS - This store is packed full of deals and money saving offers. I can not believe how much money you can save and how many goodies you can take home for so little OOP (out of pocket folks, learn the lingo, geez!)

Cheese - Cheese, cheesecake, cream cheese, nacho cheese, queso, mac and cheese. My love for this stuff runs the gamut. Funny thing is that as a child I was fairly picky and didn't like this stuff much at all.

Christmas - EVERYTHING involving this holiday just gets me excited inside.

Camping - I hope for our family to purchase a camping trailer in the coming years and to spend our family vacations traveling to a different national park every year and somewhat "roughing it" together.

Crafts - Now that I'm older I have discovered that crafts are actually fun. I do like scrapbooking most of all, but also find all sorts of random projects to be entertaining. I enjoy doing crafty things for around my home, and can't wait until Baby Girl is just a bit older so we can have craft time together!

Clutterbusting - Nothing makes me more satisfied than taking a cluttered area of my home and getting it under control. I am constantly doing this and long for when I no longer have to defeat clutter, but for now, busting it up will put a smile on my face in an instant.

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Devion said...

HA! Clutterbusting! You're funny!