Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not too much to say, but much to do

Oh, what to do today... My home is fairly organized, a bit of laundry left to do, a bedroom and bathroom to straighten up, and an office to run through. Not much on my list for once. If things go the way that I want today, I may run by the library or bookstore to find a good read. I've recently found myself craving some interesting fiction, as I usually read self-help books, how-to books, or generic non-fiction books on all sorts of subjects. I just want a book to get lost in, maybe it's the lack of good television with our downgrade from cable.

I've got to go by the gym too. That's the difficult task on today's checklist as I'm lacking in motivation and just don't want to go. But I should. Just over 2 months until my sister's wedding and I'd better get busy. How to stay motivated - maybe I need to find a good book on that subject. Or maybe I'll start tanning today too, that would probably make me feel more energetic and better about my body. Funny how a tan will do that to you. I guess after all the winter blues... plus, it does a fairly decent job of hiding the cellulite wrinkles.

Other than that I plan to pull out my scrapbooking stuff and get busy with a bit of that again. It's a been nearly a month since I scrapbooked with the girls and need to have a bit of relaxing fun. A trip to scrapbooking alley has just found it's way onto my "to do" list. Not to far from here, I have access to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns, and Archivers -- they're all in the same general area, within one square mile probably -- hence the name, scrapbooking alley.

Well, that's a pretty boring update. But somewhere in all of that I found a bit of motivation to go to the gym, probably because it's located in scrapbook alley as well. Off I go.

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Mandi Rae said...

Hey Michelle! We missed you today at church. We didn't know you wouldn't have been in class. It was a stressful day with three cryers and the usual little boy hitting everyone insight (including pounding one of the littlest ones while sitting on him). And we got a new boy at the end who looked like preschool-age and not young enough for our room, but I didn't say anything. He was above the developmental age of the rest of the kids in there. Who knows...

We leave for our trip on Friday. When I get back, I'll definitely wanna get together to scrapbook! We'll have to go to Archiver's to use their die-cut machine and free table space! :) Whaddya think?

As for books, check out Christian fiction that are series. They tend to be pretty good. I like Christian historical fiction, Christian romance, the combination of the above two, and Christian mystery. Check out Mardel. The Christian books are much better than worldly books, or so I think.