Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We are un-officially looking to buy a home. After 3.5 years of renting, the process is beginning in our search for the perfect house to raise a family. Although we're only looking right now, and the prospect of actually moving into a house isn't for months and months down the road, it's an exciting adventure. I've been searching realtor websites for the best deals, we're trying to decide what it is we want in a house, and we've spent the past few weekends visiting open houses.

There is a house out there right now that I love. We love. We spent over an hour in it last weekend and it gives me the warm fuzzies. We think it has what we're looking for in a first home. Some of the features I especially enjoyed are the large front room picture window, the brick fireplace, the wooden floors throughout, the two car garage, the double window above the kitchen sink overlooking the backyard, the openness and beauty of the yard, and all of the new large purchases the previous owners have already completed.

I find myself daydreaming, asking internal questions... Is it the house we'll bring our babies home to? Is it the house that I'll get to watch my children run around in the backyard? Is it the house my kids will call home and cry when we move out someday? We don't yet know. It may be too soon to have fallen for a house, but don't they say that you'll know when you've found "the one". I think we have... but maybe we haven't...

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Devon said...

How exciting, Michelle! Where is this house? Very fun. I know what you mean, though...you can just picture yourself living there and everything being "perfect." We'll be praying for you about it!

I am not going to do it tonight, but be sure to check my xanga some time tomorrow to see about my day yesterday, night, and then day today...very eventful. For now, I'm going to bed. Nighty-nite!