Friday, March 24, 2006

Out with the old

I'm purging my closet today. I've found it easy to ignore what lurks inside my closet, and under my bed for awhile now. But the day has come that I'm letting go. I'm tossing clothing that no longer has it's appeal. I'm sorting out pieces of clothing that I haven't worn for ages and asking myself "Is this me? Is this how I want to present myself? Is this 2006?" I laugh as I find shirts from high school, or before. I cry when I find shorts that are half my size. Mostly though I sigh as I am moving on and growing up into a wardrobe that suits me today.

Some items are easy to toss... the ones I never wore. Some are harder though. The pants that are just a few sizes too small... I want to fit back into those. Some shirts have memories with them, but are to cruddy to wear... my senior class t-shirt from high school. Some I've just worn too long, and even though they are still in good shape, maybe it's time to move on... I'm talking almost a decade worth of wear.

Today I vow, I will no longer be a clotheshorse.

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