Friday, March 31, 2006

Have you heard...

Another day off of work and I'm super busy trying to organize and clean my apartment. There is always the easy clutter to put away and clean. That's the clutter that most people would see if they showed up on my doorstep and I didn't refuse to let them inside. But then I start uncovering messy closets, messy cabinets, piles that I've collected in various places, bookshelves that are disheveled, desks that need decluttered. Those are the not so fun things to organize, but need to be done.

If you have never heard of Flylady before she is wonderful! She has various tips and ideas to help you and your home feel more peaceful. One of the best tips she has is to do 15 minute cleaning cycles. Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean, straighten up, do whatever in a specific area of your home. Then when the timer goes off, reset it for another 15 minutes and move to another room in your home and go at it again. You can insert 15 minute breaks in to this routine too. It just breaks up the monotony and makes cleaning a bit more exciting.

Flylady really is a lifesaver and makes the possibility of having a neat and organized lifestyle a possibility. I've been wanting to blog about her for a while now and may come back later today and do so. But for now, it's time to reset my timer.

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