Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blustery Cold... Brrrrrrrrrr!

What happened to my favorite season autumn? It never really came this year, maybe a few days, but it never really seemed to be autumn in Kansas. We had summer days in October, we had spring days in October, yesterday I was looking out the window and commenting on how beautiful the green grass was for November... and today? Today I look out the window and we're having a blizzard! It was seriously snowing like mad outside, the sky was an eerie whitish-gray, the horizon was full of snowflakes and the grass was green because none of it was sticking. The temperature was so cold it felt like pinpricks against the skin, 22 degrees, definitly below freezing. The wind was wailing and my toes were darn cold. It's time to start searching for my gloves, my scarves, and my ice scrapper.

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