Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pieces of us

No, I'm not pregnant. No plans for a baby anytime soon either, but I need all the time I can get for my upcoming quilt project. I've been planning this project for months now, working the thoughts thru my mind over and over again. Never quite satisfied with my ideas. But, it all came to me today.

Our first baby quilt. The design to our baby nursery that will someday fill a small space in our home, and a large space in our hearts. I've got a good start on my plan today, I even went and selected the fabric for the quilt. I've made the design on my trusty 'ole iMac and intend to get other details together in the next week or so to begin.

Why begin now, when there isn't even a baby in the makes? It's very simple to explain. It'll take me longer than nine months to get this whole project done. There's quite a bit I want to do, and I'm not very skilled yet either, so it'll be a very long project in the works. I'm starting with the baby quilt... then I'll go to the curtains... then to the crib bumper pads... then to whatever accessories I can think of to make this whole theme come together.

Oh yes, the theme! It's all centered around some puzzles that my wonderful husband and I have chosen as the central theme. There are four great puzzles in this series Noah's Ark, by Tom DuBois. They were originally his paintings, beautiful and very realistic, unlike most of the nursery themed decor available. Which is why I feel I need to make my own decor to go along with the wonderful artwork we intend to display. This puzzle came into our lives nearly six years ago. We began the first puzzle while we were dating. No proposal was in the near future, nor a baby, but that is where this all began. We bought the puzzle for fun and it has since been framed and the idea occured to us to make this piece of us, a piece for our future. Cheesy, huh? Well, it didn't necessarily occur to us exactly like that. These puzzles will be the centerpiece of the nursery however, next to our little centerpiece of course!

Anyhow, I'll keep you updated with my progress. I'll maybe display some pictures too when things really get rolling. No, I'm regretting that as I type. To my dearest friends and family who are interested in my project, I think I'll hold my plans hostage and deny you an internet peek just so I can get you to visit me sometime, haha - I think I'll do that!


elizabeth said...

Good luck with your quilt! My mother (who is also a nurse) makes beautiful quilts and smocked dresses. Now my sister and I can enjoy these wonderful heirlooms.

Thanks for visiting my site!

jayme said...

well...I think you should just hurry up and get preganant...and then worry about getting the quilt done!