Saturday, July 23, 2005

The life of a Muggle

I've been more than busy lately it would seem. Life has been flying by and I haven't taken much of a chance to sit down and blog about it. But that will change. I will blog again. I will catch my blog up and I will keep it updated, at least for a little while... until I fall behind and start lagging again.

Life these past few weeks has taken me:
- on a weekend vacation to Table Rock Lake, Silver Dollar City
- to see a a musical production of "Beauty and the Beast" in the park
- on a scrapbook journey of scrapbooking my entire wedding album
- to work and back (many times over)
- to see a dinner theatre showing of "Once Upon a Mattress"
- thru about a gazillion games of Upwords
- on a whirlwind redecoration/reorganization of my living room... yet again
- on many great shopping trips... Oh how I love end of season sales!
- thru 2.5 of the Harry Potter books. Oh soooooo addicting...

I have been busy outside of blog world. I have been continuing on with life and will take the time to blog the details of my latest adventures down the road.


jayme said...

Hey!!!!!!! I love Upwords!!!!

Hugo said...

Enjoy the HP books - my wife, son and I loved them - my wif and I read the latest book in two days, and my son is being read the 5th HP book now (it's his beditme ritual) and is eagerly awaiting the next one.

Blessings & Peace,