Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Eastern Travels

During my days off from work I was able to make a quick (and I mean way too quick) trip to Illinois to visit my friend Ruth. This was a long overdue trip that had originally been suggested the weekend of my college graduation - now a year ago!!!

The weekend began with grandma coming to visit and stay the night Saturday night at our apartment. We went shopping that afternoon and went out to eat dinner at an Italian restaurant, Carrabas, Jason and I had yet to try. Boy was it good! Mmmmmm!!!

The next morning we attended church services and after a quick lunch grandma and I headed off to Illinois. For those of you not aware, I was dropping grandma off in St. Charles Missouri to visit her brother for a few days as I headed on to Peoria. The drive was loooong, but in the end it was worth it. I was able to spend a few much needed days away and enjoy seeing Ruth as we are not able to get together near as often as we'd like.

Our days were spent in Ruth's quilting room as she instructed me on how to quilt. I must say I'm pretty impressed with myself, as I was worried I wouldn't catch on as quickly as I did and get discouraged. In the end I made a beautiful quilted wall hanging in the matter of two afternoons. Another great accomplishment I had those two days was to overcome (somewhat) my fear of dogs. Ruth's two black labs showed me a more gentle side than I had expected and other than my fear of their slobber I'm almost a dog lover now.

It was great to see the life that Ruth and Nick are making together in Illinois, and great to meet a few of her friends while I was there. I must say that I'd much rather have her back here in Kansas though :)

The trip back home to Kansas seemed even longer than the drive out there. It was a relief to regain the company of grandma the last half of the drive. She ended up driving home that night, but it was great to spend the time with her that I did too.

Now that I'm back home, I'm realizing how much I miss what makes a home: friends and family.

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