Saturday, May 14, 2005

Home again. Home again.

We've gone back to Emporia for the second weekend in a row. I must say it's nice to live so close to home that we're able to take off whenever the desire calls us. Today we decided to head home in part, for an eye appointment Jason had made and in another part to see friends and family again. Oh, and Jason also was hoping to bring back his motorcycle if the weather was friendly enough. Too bad this time.

Well, we arrived to Emporia mid-late afternoon and spent well over an hour at the eye doctors office. Hopefully I didn't cause too much of a scene snoring in the lobby wishing I was still home in my own bed, hehe. I think I looked over the glasses display a gazillion times and I know that I irritated Jason who thinks it's an insult to try on glasses when you have perfect 20/20 vision. I was bored okay!?!?!

Anyhow, later we got to enjoy some great Mexican food and the company of our dear friends Jayme and Neal, as well as, their two daughters Addy and Ellie. It was much needed socialization as I've not yet created much of a connection with any of the thousands of 20-something women in Johnson county. I'm working on it though. We had some great conversation and enjoyed catching up. It was almost as if we still lived in Emporia for an hour or so.

Following dinner we headed over to my parents home and enjoyed their company as well for a couple more hours keeping them up way past their bed time. It was enjoyable and pleasant talking and joking around that evening. Then as quickly as we started our journey we headed back to our home in Overland Park.

Our trip was quick, it was simple, but it was a blast. I'm lucky that I don't live farther away from home than I do. It's nice to be able to gas up and take off at the drop of hat. We'll do it again one of these days.

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