Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Feel the burn

I'm considering something here.
I'm actually considering joining a [gulp] gym.

We went to visit a couple in the area today and I was drawn in. The one I really like is about one mile from our home and p-e-r-f-e-c-t. The atmosphere in this building is not one of a gym, I don't smell the odor of nasty old man sweat in the air. It was clean and refreshing, and the energy around me made me feel at home of all places. They have a lap pool which is open at all hours and some swimming classes for the beginner to the advanced swimmer (and the out-of-shape ones as well). There are literally hundreds of different exercise machines that make my legs burn just looking at them. There are classes at all hours of the day from karate to spinning to dance, an outdoor swimming pool to relax after your workout, a gender specific sauna and hot tub --- just to name a few of the features. What a change from the little town gym I'd been used to!

I'm feeling motivated right now. I'm feeling the urge to get in shape. But haven't I been saying that off and on for years? Maybe my time is now. Now that I've stepped on the scale and seen the numbers tip a little too far to the right. Now that I've gone past the number I never would have imagined. Maybe my time to change this cycle of weight gain is now. For more than a few seasons I've been depressed as different clothing and department stores unveil their new styles. My size somehow incredibly changes with each season. Didn't I hear somewhere that they're cutting sizes a little bit smaller these days? Yeah sure!

Another great motivator for me in joining this gym is to get a life outside of my current one. Does that make any sense to anyone other than myself? My life currently consists of work, sleep, and sitting around my apartment just to begin the vicious cycle over again the next day. I wanna mix things up a bit. Throw in a little variety - find a place to go outside of my normal work to home to work again routine. This gym I'm talking about has a number of other features that I have yet to mention from a running track, to racquetball courts, to basketball, to free weights. There is a health bar, they have tanning beds, and even massage therapy. I could use the services of a personal trainer or even sit down and consult with a dietician over my not so healthy food choices. Get this - this gym will even wash my dirty workout clothes and return it to my personal locker within six hours, plenty of time for my next workout.

The catch? You've got it. $$$ Money $$$

My husband figured out that a month at this gym, for the two of us, equals about a year's single membership at the gym we are used to. My pockets are burning holes as I sit here thinking about it. But is it worth it I ask myself? The thought of fitting into a size 6 or 8 again sounds very tempting. And to lose my second chin... priceless.

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