Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Haiku this!

In the past I admit I've given my husband grief for the type of websites he has chosen for our internet homepage. He's a business man. Me? I'm the kinda gal who doesn't care about business, news, or other important worldly matters, or national issues even. So, I just couldn't understand the desire to read USA Today or The Wall Street Journal everytime I got online.

With time and lack of energy I discovered I would just have to endure this for the next 50 years of our marriage, suck it up, and make the best of the situation. In doing so, I've realized I really like the news. I really enjoy knowing what is happening in our country and around the world. I really, really appreciate being able to have a conversation with co-workers about mortgage rates, the presidency, or what the latest news is with the Wendy's chili-finger caper. What a thought to think that I, Michelle, know a bit about something newsworthy. Last I can recall knowing current events I was in middle school writing in my Social Studies journal. Maybe I am growing up... becoming an, adult.

For those of you who do not know me well, news for me in the past has revolved around social issues. By that I mean... what did Catherine Zeta Jones where to the Golden Globes, why did Brad and Jen divorce (they said they were in love and it was meant to be) and why, why did Anwar get voted off of American Idol? My social issues may not run parallel to my husbands, but they are the issues that I am usually most interested in, until now. Now that I've discovered "real news". I've come to love and appreciate how my husband has forced me (in sorts) to experience the news, and to read about the important matters of society.

While looking through the USA Today website this past weekend I searched through the Life section of the site. A section that will always hold a special place in my heart, if I have to read the news. It's kinda, sorta, in a slight way the gossip section of the paper which tells all. It also has the fun stuff like the daily crossword puzzle, pictures, and my favorite latest craze - the haiku contest. This is a writing contest of sorts where you haiku the topic of the day, and if selected it will be published on their site for news readers to, well read. Check it out.

I submitted a haiku this past weekend. It didn't win, but I find it better than the ones published... I am biased though. Because I wasn't published on USA Today I've decided to publish my haiku here for you to read. The topic was coins.

But poor and homeless

Their need for a chance, my gift

A few coins in hand

I know, I know! I should have won, but I'll try again. I'll get published. My haiku will be newsworthy someday.

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