Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bunches of silly facts revealed...

1. What is my middle name? lyn.

2. What color pants am I wearing? teal green scrub pants.

3. What am I listening to right now? the sound of my fingers pecking away at the keyboard.

4. What was the last thing I ate? a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich.

5. Do I wish on stars? only falling stars if i happen to see one.

6. If I were a crayon, what color would I be? pink.

7. How is the weather right now? partly cloudy. 84 degrees. slight breeze from the south.

8. Last person I talked to on the phone? a doctor receiving orders for a labor patient.

9. Do I like my current hairstyle? it looks ok somedays. i wish it were much longer though!

10. How am I today? i'm doing well now that my mind is beginning to wake up!

11. Favorite Soft Drink? pepsi.

12. Favorite sport to watch? basketball.

13. Hair color? dark brown.

14. Eye color? green, blue, yellow - depending on what i'm wearing, they also change with my mood.

15. Do I wear contacts? no. 20/20 vision.

16. Siblings? 1 younger sister.

17. Favorite month? december. even though the holidays are stressful, i love the smells and feeling of warmth the season emits.

18. Favorite food? anything and everything. i've learned i just love food - even foods i thought i once despised... i try it now and it really was never that bad. i'd take a slice of cheesecake right now though.

19. Last movie I watched? ladder 49. good movie, felt more like a tv movie though as i watched it for some reason.

20. Favorite day of the year? probably the day that the trees start to turn green, the birds start singing again, flowers start their blooming, and the temperature is a mild 72 degrees.

21. Pets? 2 cats - emma and lucy.

22. What do I do to vent anger? i yell, throw things, hit people... i need to work on this don't i?

23. What was my favorite toy as a child? barbies. i relished having a younger sister, so at the age of 14 i'd still have an excuse to sit down and play.

24. Summer or Winter? hmm, if it's winter summer, if it's summer winter. i'd take spring and fall all year round!

25. Hugs or Kisses? a little of both depending on my mood. i'm a big hugger though!

26. Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate for everything, except for pudding - then it has to be vanilla.

27. Dream job? to be a stay at home mom and raise my children well.

28. Most recent big purchase? a sewing machine.

29. A place I would like to visit before I die? italy. i'd love to see the roman ruins, the archeological site of pompeii, and stop off and live in the tuscan countryside for awhile.

30. Living arrangements? apartment.

31. When was the last time I cried? sunday afternoon.

32. What is under my bed? nothing. well, maybe a cat is hiding under there or two.

33. Who is the friend I have had the longest? my friend tara from church.

34. What did I do last night? i stayed up all night at work deliverying babies. my first night off of orientation to this new hospital --- i was baptized by fire!

35. What inspires me? happiness.

36. Did I make my bed today? yes.

37. What scares me? having somebody close to me die.

38. Plain, Salted or Buttered? plain.

39. Favorite car? right now i have my eyes on a toyota highlander.

40. Favorite flower? tulips. but i love all flowers!

41. Number of keys on my key ring? 4

42. Can I juggle? no, not balls anyways.

43. Favorite day of the week? anymore with my work schedule i don't have one consistent day of the week - sunday i guess.

44. What did I do on my last birthday? i went out to dinner with family and saw a movie.

45. Do I own a donor card? no, but i should really get one. what a great gift to leave my organs behind when i die.

1 comment:

jayme said...

yes! No more spackle.

#28. About to be sold for "Peru or Bust" fund.

#33. who?

#45. gross. good for you...but gross.

#11. meeeeeeeeee too.

#15. not fair.

--you crack me up!!!!